Happy drunk asshole day!!

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It’s that time of year again, soon the streets will be slimy with green puke, filthy floppy St.Patrick’s day hats and drunk jocks pretending to be Irish.

 So here’s a few drawerings i made with Gerry and Cody for a new flash sheet celebrating this day of debauchery! 

This here is a new design i made for The Urban Nightmares Graffiti club, they will be for sale shortly. i just have to figure out how to get a pay pal account.


Say what you will about my compassion towards humans but when i heard about the disaster in Japan the first thing that popped into my mind was “oh no! is kitty island ok?” Obviously i feel terrible for every one affected by this earthquake but i sure am glad the kitties are alright!112120139835


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lazy sunday tat day.

Bruised but not Beaten.

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new t-shirt design perhaps?

No Money Mo’ Problems.

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So it’s 2011, great.

 This is the first bit of art work this year, it’s for my man MINES. i literally picked his name out of a hat and drew er up.

2010 has been mega shitty for me, it is what you make it i guess. lets hope this year will be better.

i hope to step up my game a little and produce more but i’m not gunna talk shit like i’m gunna be the king of 2011, that  gets old quick, i am however going to try my best.

happy new year mother fuckers.

It’s a long way home indeed…..

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The good thing about feeling sad is i get alot of art work done. i guess there’s a silver lining to everything.


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Fun night with the homie Big Sizeo!
Toronto 2010.

wig splittin’

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My newest print, i finished er’ up last night.
Made with the old stand by copic illustration pens.

New Sheet.

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New sheet by Colin Wiley and myself. One down four to go!

The Girl Loves Math.

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i put this fun math tat on Jenny today.